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Family Privacy Room

3/4 beds (30mq) - family room - Hotel Diana

Do you want to take a family vacation, but would you also prefer to have some privacy in your room?
Or are you two parents with an adult child?
Or, again, a couple with an elderly grandmother and no longer completely independent?
This is the room for you. I’ll describe it to you.
Go in and find a small handling with 3 doors. The first gives access to a double bedroom, the second to the bathroom and the third a smaller bedroom with two beds.
It is furnished with white fir wood
It can accommodate up to 4 people all on the ground.
The bathroom has a window.

We put the duvet, but if you have a quilt or a bedspread, there are no problems. Ask when you book.

Balcony, 2 TVs, telephone, safe, free WIFI, mini bar, private bathroom with shower, hairdryer, courtesy line, parquet floor.

What will you find in this room?

  • balcony
  • shower
  • 2 TV
  • phone
  • safe
  • Free WI-FI
  • mini-bar
  • hairdryer
  • courtesy line
  • parquete floor
  • no bunk beds