Services in summer

Your hotel in the center of the village but surrounded by tranquility

In summer, the mountain offers you an explosion
of colors: the green of the forest, the blue of the lake, the yellow of the flowers …
and activities to do with your whole family: Andalo Life Park, Sarnacli Park, Forest Park, Gaggia Biblioigloo, Pian Dosson park and Merz park, outdoor trails, mountain bike trails, Down Hill trails, ….
Rediscover the nature and life of the past, go for a hike in the hut, visit the educational farms …

The Altipiano della Paganella also offers you the possibility to open your holiday to its entire territory and therefore also to enjoy Lake Molveno, the Spormaggiore Wildlife Park, the archaeological area of ​​Fai della Paganella …

Movement is synonymous with health for both body and mind”,
and for us summer is also movement,
but you don’t have to be a climber to enjoy the paradise that surrounds us: Andalo offers you many very easy walks, always surrounded by the scenery of the Dolomiti di Brenta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009, and within the marvelous Adamello – Brenta Park.

Today you really don’t want to move! There are no problems, our garden is large and sunny, so you can relax outdoors and breathe the pure mountain air. Just choose the view: the Paganella to the east, the Dolomiti di Brenta to the west

Do not forget to request the DOLOMITI PAGANELLA CARD at the reception, a card issued by Andalo Vacanze, in collaboration with Andalo Life Park. This card entitles you to discounts and discounts on the infinite activities that the Altopiano della Paganella  can offer you


Our animation team will organize your day so you do not get bored and entertain your children

9.30 am – 10.00 am meeting for the morning walk, to discover the wonderful views of Andalo and its surroundings: Giro dei Masi, Tana dell’Ermellino, Molveno undergrowth, Madonnina di Loreto, Cima Paganella, Tana dell’Ermellino, Baita Ciclamino, Giro delle Villette, Napoleon’s Forts ……. the return is expected around 12.00
1.30 pm coffee game
2.00 pm – 7.30 pm miniclub (games, workshops, small tournaments…. Snack at 17)
5.00 pm – 7.00 pm maxi club (tournaments and scheduled outings are organized)
8.30 pm – 9.45 pm baby time in the animation room
After 9.45 pm animation evening begins where both adults and children can play.
11.00 pm Good night everyone. See you tomorrow! pills

Numerous activities

to do with your family: Andalo Life Park, Sarnacli Park, outdoor paths, Down Hill paths, ….


but you don’t have to be a climber to enjoy the paradise around us


Our team organizes the day for you.
FUN is their bike!